White Wine

Ex Nihilo, Riesling ($25)

Volcanic Hills, Gewurztraminer ($25)

Arrowleaf Cellar, Bacchus ($25)

Calliope (Burrowing Owl), Sauvignon Blanc ($25)

The Hatch, Orange Order ($25)

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Red Wine

Montalto, Cabernet Sauvignon ($20)

Shot in the Dark, Petit Syrah ($25)

Red Rooster, Merlot ($25)

Arrowleaf, Field Collection Red ($35)

Michal David, Petit Syrah ($35)

Chateau St. Michelle, Cabernet Sauvignon ($35)

Frescobaldi Chianti Nipozzano Riserva ($35)

Meiomi Pinot Noir ($35)

The Hatch, Crown and Thieves, Merlot ($45)

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Domestic Beer

Okanagan Spring, 1516 Bavarian Lager ($4.80/355ml)

Coors, Light Lager ($4.80/355ml)

Kokanee, Pilsner Lager ($4.80/355ml)

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Craft Beer

33 Acres of Sunshine, French Blanche ($5.60/330ml)

33 Acres of Nirvana, IPA ($5.60/330ml)

Whistler Bear Paw Honey Lager ($5.60/355ml)

Mt. Begbie Brewing, Nasty Habit IPA ($5.60/355ml)

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Imported Beer

Peroni, European Pale Lager ($5.60/330ml)

Stella Artois, Belgian Pilsner ($5.60/330ml)

Corona, Pale Lager ($5.60/330ml)

Czechvar, B Original, Pale Lager ($6.40/500ml)

Guinness, Irish Dry Stout ($6.40/440ml)

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Okanagan Cider: Apple, Peach, or Pear ($5.60/355ml)

Nomad, Pear Cider ($11.20/500ml)

Strongbow, Dry Cider ($6.40/440ml)

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