Rib Eye Steak 12oz Canadian Prime

12oz Canadian Prime rib eye finished with tuscan spice rub served with Intermezzo chefs potato & assorted vegetables. 

add Gorgonzola Butter or Peppercorn sauce or have it Blackened

add Garlic Prawns or add Seared Scallops or add Mezzo Mushrooms

add our traditional Béarnaise sauce

add Lobster Tail $20 (pictured above)

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Filet Mignon 7oz Canadian Prime

7oz Canadian Prime fillet best suited rare to medium, finished with Tuscan spice rub served with Intermezzo chefs potato & assorted vegetables.

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Delicious ways to top your steak

Gorgonzola Butter
 imported directly from Italy and whipped with butter  /  4

Mezzo Mushrooms
diced mushrooms, sautéed onion with thyme & garlic butter  /  6

Peppercorn Sauce
Madagascar green peppercorns and demi-glace  /  3

Seared Scallops
large scallops pan-seared until medium rare with butter  /  13

Garlic Prawns
tiger prawns pan-seared in garlic butter  /  9

a blend of herb and spices  /  3

Garlic Bread
 grilled fresh focaccia bread with garlic butter  /  2.5

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Steak Oscar

add a topping of Alaskan king crab, blue crab, asparagus & homemade hollandaise to any steak   

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